Major Score!

I can't even begin to tell you all how tickled that I am about the find that I scored today!


 In the far, dark, back corner of an old barn here in town I found this little treasure! It is the old metal, hand-painted street sign for Walnut Street (There were about 10 signs total for all the roads here in town!) Hidden under who knows how many years worth of dirt and dust in that old barn, just ready for me to come and awesome piece of community history! I am a total junker at heart and days like this is totally pays off.As for the other signs that I found, a local Hotel in town is going to take them and use them for display/decor! Not sure what I am going to do with mine yet as far as hanging/displaying goes...anyone out there have any killer ideas for me?

How personal is too personal?

This has been a week of inspiration for me here on Walnut Street...not only is the Lord blessing us with some of the most beautiful autumn weather that I have seen in years a couple of my great friends Chrissy and Sarah shared some amazing posts this week that have really got me thinking... if you have not read them already make sure to visit Chrissy over at her new blog, Pearl and Sarah at She Shares Ministries.


I firmly believe that our God is in the redeeming business! We all have a story...for most of us, at least parts of that story are sure to be hard, bitter, selfish, painful... but no one is without a past! That is the beauty of Christ. He doesn't promise to erase our past, but to redeem it. I firmly believe that there is nothing that God can't use to bring glory to Himself if we surrender it to him.


That having been said, I have really been burdened recently with the idea that I need to surrender this blog to Christ. I want Him to be able to receive Glory through it and I would like to work harder towards true transparency with you all, especially when it comes to parts of my past, my story!


Here is where I struggle... Over the last 10 years I feel like I have been able to, through Christ, overcome, experience healing, and find victory over some pretty ugly situations. On one hand I want to stand up and shout from the rooftops. I want to believe that things I could share could possibly help other women find the peace that they are searching for.


 On the other hand, so much of my past and what I would share involves my family has the real potential to deeply hurt people whom I love. Honestly, even saying this much is giving me a pretty big dose of anxiety! How can I trade the potential hurt of family for the lives of women who I have never met? No matter which way I look at it...the answer feels selfish!



I am a headline

Styled living room on the skinny!

Can you see Winston posing on the new Sofa?

Almost everything that you see in this picture I either made, re-purposed or bought on sale!

Here is a picture of what the room looked like this time last year!

Remnant piece of fabric ($1.00) for a runner and an old Pepsi Crate (8.00) that I scored from a local antique shop!

Hey, yo! Irish Girls! Just a little humor to get you through this Wednesday! (Hehehe)