Just Us.

Hi! I'm Sarah So...if you have been reading my blog for any length of time now you will know that I am no means a "professional writer" or any kind of fancy face in the blogging community. If you are new to reading my blog then WELCOME, I am glad that you are here.The short version: Why I blog? To catalogue and organize my creative processes.It seems that I always have something going on, dinner parties, DIY projects, graphic design work, church activities, community events, new recipes I want to try...my mind is always working! There is not much that I enjoy more then being able to be creative.This blog is a place to share ideas, be inspired and (try) to inspire others, no more...no less.I love to meet new people and make new friends. I'd love to hear from you, and again thanks for checking me out.


I met my husband while we were both working in Christian ministry living in Orlando Florida in 2002. We were married in 2007 and just last year were able to build a house here in Walnut Creek. Dustin is from here, but I was born in Illinois and have family all over the place.


I'm in Sales/Graphic Design and most days I love it! I worked for a lot of years (in fact, all my years) in Theatre and TV until I moved here to Ohio. I have a crazy, cluttered, creative mind. I love art, music, coffee, and anything that gets my mind working in creative ways.


Silly things about me/us: 
I am a vegetarian. I'm short. I love football. 
I have a sweet-tooth. 
I hate feet.
 I don't own anything that 
is the color pink. 
I have vowed to never cut my hair short again. 
I drink way too much coffee.
 I never drink milk. 
I don't like my food to touch on my plate. 
Things that are not symmetrical 
kind of drive me bananas. 
I don't think civilized people should use profanity. 
I can't bring myself to buy expensive shampoo. 
I wink a lot. 
(and give the thumbs up sign...nerdy, I know) 
I drive with 2 feet.
I collect children's pop-up books (love 'em) 
 We only "dated" 6 months before we got engaged. 
Our first date 12/22. 
He proposed 6/22. 
We married 9/22. 
I have 1 brother and 2 sisters  
Hubbs has 2 brothers and 1 sister. 
Between us, no kids 
but 3 nephews and 2 nieces
Hubbs was a chess champion when he was young
(He's super smart). He's now a "computer guy" 
My favorite bands will always be 
Counting Crows and Dashboard Confessional. 
My favorite season is Fall. 
I love being outside but winters in 
Ohio make me wish I never left Florida.
Most days I feel way to young 
to be as old as I am becoming.